Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: 365 Pocket Morning Prayers

My daily quiet time consists almost exclusively of reading the Bible and spending time in prayer. I admit I am not big on adding other books to this routine mainly because they often focus on things about the Bible, general opinions, or self. I simply want the Word of God because in it is the power of life. I received a complimentary copy of this little book, "365 Pocket Morning Prayers" from Tyndale Publishing and was pleasantly surprised.

Each day has a simple prayer that focuses on a specific topic or issue. They may range from personal struggles to people. Included with the prayer is a short Bible passage that supports the theme of each prayer. I would never recommend this little book as a replacement for reading the Bible on a daily basis, but it can be a helpful supplement. Where the Bible is the main course for breakfast this book can be a vitamin to go with it.

You can view a sample chapter at this LINK.

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