Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: 365 Pocket Morning Prayers

My daily quiet time consists almost exclusively of reading the Bible and spending time in prayer. I admit I am not big on adding other books to this routine mainly because they often focus on things about the Bible, general opinions, or self. I simply want the Word of God because in it is the power of life. I received a complimentary copy of this little book, "365 Pocket Morning Prayers" from Tyndale Publishing and was pleasantly surprised.

Each day has a simple prayer that focuses on a specific topic or issue. They may range from personal struggles to people. Included with the prayer is a short Bible passage that supports the theme of each prayer. I would never recommend this little book as a replacement for reading the Bible on a daily basis, but it can be a helpful supplement. Where the Bible is the main course for breakfast this book can be a vitamin to go with it.

You can view a sample chapter at this LINK.

Review: "Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal"

Let me start by saying I am not someone who journals or colors on a regular basis (in fact, not much at all). However, I received a copy of "Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Journal" free from Tyndale Publishing for the purpose of reviewing it. The book has thick, brightly illustrated covers and heavier stock paper to make easier the task of writing and coloring in it. Aesthetically it is very appealing.

I thumbed through the pages, reading the prayers for each day and found them to light-hearted and simple yet guiding the heart toward gratitude. It is refreshing to find something that points to the Lord and serves as a daily reminder of all He has done for us. So many of these kinds of books are more self-centered than God-centered. This one, all though light and airy, points to Him.

Personally, I would not purchase this book for myself. It is more suitable for my teenage daughters than me. It would make a good gift book, but doesn't seem to be made for the serious journaler.

Downloadable samplers and sharable coloring pages can be found at Tyndale's Inspire Creativity board on Pinterest.