Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Review: "The Holy Land Key"

As a pastor I often look for books as a resource for personal study as well as those I can recommend to others for their spiritual growth. Pastor Ray Bentley has written such a book. The understanding of the prophecies of Scripture concerning the end times can often be daunting. Bentley's approach provides insights to the study of these ancient prophecies.
He begins with key precepts to studying prophecy so that each student of Scripture begins at a common starting point. He introduces the reader to a modern day prophet, a foundation stone of modern day Israel, and a people straight out of the pages of Bible prophecy. Bentley helps the reader to understand that the "key" to prophecy is Israel and the importance of reading the words of the ancient prophets through the lives of God's people in Israel.
It is clear that Pastor Bentley has the heart of a teacher. His writing is casual and clear in order to bring the reader to a better understanding of his topic. This is a book I will keep in my personal study library as well as recommend to others.
I received this book for free fromBlogging for Books for this review. 
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