Sunday, April 26, 2015

Book Review: "Visits to Heaven and Back: Are They Real?" by Mark Hitchcock

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers for the purpose of review.

The afterlife is a subject most of the world is interested in. It transcends religion, economics, politics, and ethnicity. People are driven by curiosity in what happens after we die and there are countless books available that feed the hunger. They contain story after story of visits to heaven and hell without sparing details. So many of the details are contradictory from one tale to another. Which ones are accurate and which aren't? Can we know what is true? Where is truth about heaven and the afterlife found? These are all valid questions that have equally valid answers. Unfortunately, most of the stories of visitations to the afterlife do not tell the truth.

Mark Hitchcock fairly examines the "heaven" books, comparing and contrasting their details and ideas about heaven (and hell). In his examination there are numerous discrepancies discovered and must be accounted for. The author doesn't build a case based upon human experience, but takes the reader to the Bible. It does reveal the reality of a world beyond this one we live in and provides some details of what it is like. Mr. Hitchcock uses the Bible as a source book for details on the place called Hell and shares with the reader the warnings about it. 

I will recommend this book to those who are curious as well as those who have jumped headlong into the "heaven" book phenomenon. It is written in a clear manner that is easily understood. The afterlife is a matter of eternity and we should rely solely upon the one book that can give us the truth about Heaven and Hell.

You can read the first chapter by clicking on this LINK.

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