Monday, April 28, 2014

A Book Review: "The Israeli Solution" by Caroline Glick

When watching, listening to, or reading news, it doesn't take long for the subject of Middle East peace to come up. Opinion pieces, blogs, news sites, magazine and newspaper stories all cover the ongoing saga of the Israeli and Palestinian people. Most are brief and overtly biased offering nothing more than opinion. Caroline Glick provides something of substance regarding this difficult issue in her book "The Israeli Solution". 

The premise of her book is to offer a different perspective and solution to the decades old issue of peace in the Holy Land. In order to do this she provides a well researched and honest history of the events and people connected to the "peace process". The backstory alone is eye opening to say the least. She also spends several chapters outlining the policies of Western powers who have tried to solve the conflict. In this she demonstrates the evolution of foreign policy in its being "dumbed down" and the reasons behind it. 

Perhaps the most compelling support for her proposed solution is in the people themselves. The historical, legal, and religious right of the Jews as well as the social and political betterment of the Palestinian situation is at the heart of her "one-state plan" for peace. She contrasts the conditions of Jews and Israeli Arabs in a free society to those of Palestinian Arabs under the rule of a terrorist regime to make her case.

"The Israeli Solution" is definitely worth the time and should be required reading for politicians connected to the peace process. It is an informative, enlightening gut punch to the modern "peace process". 

I received this book free from the publisher for review purposes.

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